Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! Just want to let you know that Henry and I are officially at home here now. We were going to use our own domain, but mom thought it was too much work (I know, I know, she's a total bum.) Anywho, blogger offers a few more features than wordpress does so this was a better option for us.

Mom will still use the old site for the time being, but she might come over to blogger one of these days too!

One thing I want to mention today is that I really appreciate all the kindness and purrayers I've been getting for the last couple of days. I am still sick, but mom is treating me like a king. If anyone can pull me through this, she can. Mom claims I will still have to go to the V E T later, but I might eat an extra bite or two just to throw her off. We will see... I do know that she wants to take me there cause she loves me, so I just might go to make her feel better.

To all my twitter friends, thanks for coming over her and checking things out!

Purrs and Nosetaps to you all!



Life said...

I thought I'd visit good luck with the whisper V E T

love tobytortoise

Morris said...

Hey Oscar, love the new blog! You better hang in there - remember the Plague Ratsies you've been promised for your birthday? Well you'll need all your strength to fight with them!

Morris *prrrr prrrrr prrrrrr*

Daisy said...

I found you! I will be sure to subscribe.

Very best wishes at the vet's office.

LouPeb said...

We're always thinking of you. Me, my sister and mom.
Stay strong. *nosekiss*
Oh yeah congrats on new blog!

Forever Foster said...

Happy Blogwarming!

We are purring for you, dude. Feel better, ok!:)

BZTAT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BZTAT said...

Great blog site Oscar! You da CAT! Purrayers for your return to health. *nosetap* Just meowin'...

The Brew
(Brewskie Butt)

Misha said...

Get well soon, Oscar. Sending some healing purrs your way!

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