Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi! It's Me, Henry!

Isn't this cool? My buddy @Monkey_Cat showed a bunch of us kitties on Twitter a pawesome site where you can put your face in some pretty cool places. Mom made a whole bunch of silly photos with Oscar and I then said I got to pick one to post on here today.

I really like this shot. I've been trying to convince mom that she should send it to Stephanie Meyers to use as the book cover for the sequel of "The Host" when she writes it, but so far mom just laughs at me. Mom are so insensitive sometimes...

Anyway, if you think this is cool you should go visit Monkey_Cats website to see more of the magic you can create. She put up a whole Gallery of shots.


LouPeb said...

I've missed you Henry!!!

Daisy said...

What a cool image!

Bonham The Cat said...

very awesome!! ON my way to show my parents

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